Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion for the IronDog

So - my best training partner is my dog, Eli. Eli accompanies me on most outside runs under 6 miles (he doesn't like going much over that) and I just love running with him. He gets this big, goofy grin which totally keeps me going. Plus, I'm able to completely exhaust him - which is a good thing because we live in a pretty tiny apartment!

Anyway, the weather is starting to warm up a little bit, making it easier to run outside at night after I get home from work. I usually get home from work around 7:30-8, so for now, it's still dark out. I have my own reflector vest and head-lamp, but was always concerned that Eli wasn't visible enough in the darkness. He is a black lab, after all :)

I stopped at my trusty neighborhood REI on my way home tonight, and per usual, they didn't disappoint. I picked up a reflector vest from RuffWear, and a small LED light to attach to the vest.  I love RuffWear products - they are slightly pricey, but hold up really well to all the abuse that a rough-and-tumble lab can dish out.

This is the jacket I picked out for him - and REI had it in a fantastic neon green.

Track Jacket

I was able to try out the vest tonight when Eli and I went on a 46 minute jaunt. We didn't head out until 9pm-ish, so it was already dark out. Eli is used to running with a vest on, because I have been using a RuffWear dog-pack with him for years.

Here are a few pictures from our evening run:

Eli in front of Madison Train Station

You can see the loop on the back of the vest where I was able to attach a LED light. You can't miss him!

My happy puppy

The best thing is, the vest works with the no-pull harness I use with him. The harness connects in front to discourage pulling. I love the harness, and I think he does too - we almost work as a team when he's on the harness.

Anyway - this dog-and-girl training team give the RuffWear Track Jacket a two-thumbs-up recommendation. 

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